Service / Maintenance


Temporarily scooter use during repair / maintenance


While your scooter is in repair or maintenance with us, you can use our loan scooter for

the costs of € 5, - per day, excluding fuel.

The scooter use is free when guaranty or repairs > € 250, -


Making an appointment is necessary to make use of the loan scooter.

Deposit is not necessary, you have your scooter / moped then with us for deposit.

If there are damages when returning the loan scooter, accessories are missing, or the tank is not full, we will charge extra costs.



Just like almost all means of transport, your scooter / moped needs maintenance as well.

By maintaining your scooter / moped you improve the safety and reliability of your vehicle.

A well-maintained scooter / moped will last longer and reduce the chance of breakdowns.

If you are handy with scooters / mopeds you can do it yourself, check the lighting regularly,

tire pressure, oil level, and general condition.

The interval of maintenance visits differs per scooter / moped.

But often it is every 3000 to 4000 km, alternately a small and a big maintenance


In some models a small maintenance is given after 1000 km.

With a new scooter / moped the maintenance costs are lower than with a somewhat older scooter / moped, this is actually the same as with a car or a bicycle.

Often, your guarranty will be void if you do not have the prescribed service intervals performed