Revision / guarantee



If you want your engine block to be overhauled it is best to call or email and make an appointment to bring the engine block to our store; 0180-551951 /


With every revision we will work with the presumption that at least the bearings, seal rings, gaskets and locking plates need to be renewed. Regardless the condition of the engine block.


We also check the crankshaft, clutch plates, shafts and the brass between your block.


The basic repair costs are fixed at € 238, - incl. VAT and will be increased by the

costs of the parts to be replaced.

We will discuss with you in advance what the general overall repair costs will be

to not be faced with unexpected costs.


We give a guarantee for two months on the made repairs, with the exception of the connecting rod.

We aim for the block to be returned to you within a period of 14 days!



In case of dissatisfaction with the delivered product, you can enjoy an exchange guarantee on all items, with the exception of electrical parts, special ordered parts for you, and second-hand parts.


You must return the goods within 7 days, with reason of return and purchase note.

The goods must be sufficiently franked, well packaged, unused, undamaged and

in original packaging!

Cash on delivery or insufficient prepaid shipments are not accepted by us.


After consultation with you, we will send you a replacement article or, if the article is no

longer in stock, the amount paid by you to pay back or credit.