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When it is no longer worhtwile to repair or overhaul your Puch engine, it is a good idea to replace it. At Puch Parts in Krimpen aan den IJssel you can find high quality engine blocks. Whether you are looking for parts for your Puch Oldtimer or your Puch Maxi, through our diverse range you will always find the suitable parts for your two-wheeler!

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A high-Quality Puch engine for your two-wheeler

In our webshop and in our store in Krimpen aan den Ijssel you will find an extensive range of both new and second-hand engine parts for your Puch, such as high quality cylinder blocks. All second-hand parts are seperately labeled and photographed, so in our webshop the following applies; What you see is wat you get! It is therefore possible that the parts for your Puch are greasy or dirty, but that does not affect the quality.

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In addition to an engine block, you can contact us for several Puch engine parts, such as a carburettor for your Puch. In addition, we also offer Puch merchandise, so you can decorate your home or workplace and show your love for this Austrian brand! Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us by sending an email to  info@puchonderdelen.nl. We are happy to tell you more!